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April 30, 2005


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Real Estate Beaufort SC

I have been testing different style copy. The resource and information provided here helps. Thanks-


Great Blog! I have worked both in the mortgage and real estate industries. NAR is like a mobster. They rule the roost by scare tactics, and by controlling too much money. If that's not a monopoly I don't know what is. The Real Estate market has evolved so much because of the NAR, you can't be in the biz without them, and that's scary! Honestly, the people on Capitol Hill won't do anything because too many of their pockets are filled by NAR lobbyist. I myself always directed my clients away from Realtor.com because it is such a monopoly. I always listed on free listing sites such as freelistings.com(which is no longer in biz) or www.freehomedirectory.com(a great new site) and got good results with no out of pocket costs. I worked too hard to get the listings I got just to have to give away money to something I hated. Again, excellent blog.

Koenig and Strey Chicago MLS Search and Real Estate

My understanding is that the eye moves in a "Z" pattern on the page. Upper left and upper right hand side at the top is the best real estate. Simple ideas are somewhat obvious, too when dealing with real estate - pictures, and lots of them, are for the most part good, as well as video tours.

One thing I don't like to do too much is give readers too many links that will take them off my page - if I do links, I use a 'target="_blank"' on my tags, so that a new window is opened up when the link is clicked, rather than having my page replaced by the linked page.


For me the descriptions of the properties should be succinct and photos should give an idea of what the apartments look like.
Please have a look:

KHS, Paris/ France

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