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November 8, 2005


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Risa and David Weiss

Land is indestructible by definition. There will never be less of it, never more of it. But there is always popluation growth, which makes real estate more and more scarce as time goes by.

Risa and David Weiss

I was just reading through some old posts at my blog, and came across this wonderful argument regarding trying to time real estate markets:

The best time to buy or sell a house is when you are ready to move.

Perfect. There is no argument to rebut this.



As home prices in the U.S. declined in November in most areas, Austin, Texas was hot. Home sales were up 24% and the median price was up 15%. This is likely a great place to own a home for the next 5 to 10 years. Job growth is strong and Austin is a great place to retire. See more at http://austinrealestateguy.blogspot.com/.

Ki Gray

I usually dont debate people one way or another. But one good point is that in the stock market a large number of people can exit the market. With real estate people are going to live somewhere. So its not like alot of people are going to sell their homes and be homeless.


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