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February 15, 2006


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Must say your comments on this post and in "How to be all things to all people" are absolutely true facts.
The National Realtor Association in its effort to bring value to its members and justify the high membership fees created the online real estate web sites.But you know something,the people in the trenches out in the streets selling real estate(specially the new licensees)find no correlation to the image portrayed or promoted by the NAR and the perception of the first time buyers or even sellers.They actually do not see any difference in a "Realtor" compare to a R.E.Salesperson.I have plenty of evidence to support this,having done a very long(many years) survey in all income brackets and demographics(many households).Notice that the surveys conducted by the NAR are only for three months.
The reason your site grabed my attention is the Unique Selling Proposition concept.In todays saturated and over regulated(monopolized by the NRA) R.E.selling enviroment it is very difficult to develop a USP that really works, or that is not copy or imitated by another desperate,frustrated Realtor.

Palm Beach,FL.

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