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September 20, 2006


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I just launched a new blog called housebuying-guide where I try to help
first time homebuyers and where I also give tips to avoid common mistakes
on buying houses.
I added a link to your blog on my sidebar, you can check it here:

I just put the plain url address of your site but you can tell me what
text you want me to use for your site.

In exchange if it is not asking too much I would love that you also link
to my blog with the text "How to buy a house" for example.

If we exchange links we will both increase our popularity on the web.

Thanks for your time

Regards, Monika

Risa and David Weiss

Yeah, but you can always tell google to "buzz off" with a robots.txt file and you can remove all of google's links and index entries for your site, too.

So, a lawsuit seems kind of silly.

But they are making a ton of dough from your (and my own) hard work. I like the system the way it is - mutually beneficial.

Tim O'Keefe

I agree the system works. But it is unprecedented that the obligation is on the owner to tell another publisher that he cannot use his/her material.Otherwise it is assumed that the other Publisher (in this case an engine) can literally copy the entire page of someones site.See Realtor.com
And, I don't think the laws are even close to having reconciled these issues because the lawmakers don't understand them. It is all based on cooperation.

Another example of what makes interesting bedfellows is RSS.

Many sites grab pieces of a blog and use it on their blog. I have had only one guy ask me if they can do it. Yet many do.

We all kind of let it happen in this spirit of mutual cooperation because we all benefit.

What happens though when we all don't benefit as much as we might like?

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