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November 10, 2006


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Hi I love your blog. I am a Realtor in Franklin, TN with Bob Parks Realty. I have a real estate blog, and would be happy to link to your blog if you would be so kind as to reciprocate.
Chris Elrod


Well said, Tim. Coming from the high-end SEO world myself I am horrified with the promises some of these fly by night "SEO" companies make to Realtors and the myths they perpetuate. Glad to know you are fighting the good fight too!

Did you read about NicheBot's recent hijack of Google's own PR? Oh, the agony and the ecstacy of 302 redirects...

Mission Investment Group


You are right on. I have been building websites for 10 years and started my internet career at Lycos (10 years ago the best search engine out there). I talk to so many people who have very unrealistic expectations about how quickly or how much effort is needed to get their site to a top placement on a search engine.

Keep up the good work and providing people with great information.

Scott Poliseno

Lonn Dugan


I really enjoy your knowledgable and straightforward style. I also know that MOST Realtors don't care enough about SEO to become experts at it.

As a former online marketing and SEO guy, who is now a Realtor who enjoys top SERP, I do VERY well, thank you very much. But I still learned something from you today.

Recently, I started helping other Realtors with their SEO/SERP results. I am always telling people this stuff is simpler than most of the world wants you to believe... AND harder than you could ever imagine...

Loved your comment about Good SEO + BAD Call For Action = 0

Now there's a soundbyte - or is that a snippet?

Keep up the good work!

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