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December 3, 2006


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Risa and David Weiss

Yep, getting links through blog comments (just like the one generated through this comment!)is an easy way to get started.

Of course, it helps to have some content on the other side of the link. Hopefully, it will be something of enough interest to garner a mention and a link somewhere else down the line (see below).

For bloggers, trackbacks are nice linking tools, Technorati.com, and any other aggregators of RSS content provide good links, too.

We have also noticed Yahoo Video entries popping up in the Google SERPs quite a bit lately (if you post videos, you can also have an RSS feed for those). Video is all the rage now, anyway, so agents who want to stay in business better get on the video ball. You don't want to find yourself competing against people like me in a listing presentation, and come up short because you don't or can't pitch your internet marketing and streaming video strategies effectively.

Speaking of video, I saw an agent blog where the agent was very proud that she was able to post a video. The content? Her grandkid blowing out candles on a birthday cake. The best part of the video? When the kid's mom leans into the shot, and exposes herself to the world. Funny that grandma Realtor didn't notice when she posted the video. Oops.

It's a start, I guess.

As I think about it, that could have been some GREAT link bait!

Which brings me back full-circle - it's about quality links, folks!

If I can find the blog with the birthday video again, I'll post a link.

Risa and David Weiss

Found it.



It's all about good links! The alogs are getting much better with relevancy. It's all about content and clean code. It helps to have aged links and a dmoz listing. An aged domain will work magic also.


Tim O'Keefe

I think an aged domain is gold for high competition keywords.

Risa and David Weiss

You know, I've studied sites that rank above mine (in the few cases where that happens), and I try to be fairly objective. The only thing that I fall short on is the age of my domain, which is a bit over two years old.

There is nothing more frustrating than being out-ranked by what I would consider to be an inferior site whose only advantage is age.

For new agents just getting started, you can't expect any real traffic from Google for the first 6 months, at least. Sometimes, it's more like a year of waiting for Google to consider your site a "real" site, and worthy of inclusion into their results.

You just have to hammer away at it until it happens. In the mean time, consider shelling out $300-500 a month on pay-per-click ads in order to generate traffic.

It sounds like a lot of money, but that's the cost of doing business. Every year, at least one deal's worth of commission is going to go into promoting your web site.

Risa and David Weiss

I submitted to dmoz two years ago.

I'm still waiting.

Any ideas on how to get that process moving? According to everything I read, it's just "sit and wait" until someone gets around to looking at your site and including it.

Tim O'Keefe

As far as DMOZ. Submit and move on and don't sweat it.Its only a link. A Link is a Link is a Link.

Nice budgeting analogy.



I started working on content then linking to directories and high page rank real estate websites. My ranking in Google under my keywords went up. Now I'm in the first page in 30 of my keywords.

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