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December 31, 2006


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Robert (French Property Consultant)

I agree absolutely. I started out as a programmer and created my real estate site. I worked hard on the SEO side and managed to get on page 1 in the 3 major search engines for the top 3 phrases.

However, sales were very low and only now are starting to pick up a bit. The problem is that I got lots of first time visitors but not many repeat visitors. In my market (selling French property to foreign buyers), repeat visits are the key.

I'm now refocusing my site to make it more useable, more interesting, to have a wider selection of properties and so on. I've realised that many of my competitors with a lower SERPs position are doing much better because they offer more value to the visitor. They are also better at captureing visitor details and requirements.

I still think that a decent SERPs position is an important start, but now realise that is all it is.

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