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February 11, 2007


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Pat Kitano

Ranch99 (perhaps that's the supermarket you're referring to) is a great supermarket concept... the one in South SF will cook a 4 pound seabass for takeout at $1.99/lb... that is an unbelievable value when you consider that's the price of 2 big fast food burgers and the more healthy fish will serve 4.

Right now all the shoppers are Asian, but look to them going mainstream... they have a few stores in Orange County now and the non-Asian customers are discovering it.


It's a Korean chain market, in Torrance the Japanese consumer has been greatly catered to with Mitsuwa and the whole Torrance shopping center @ Western.

Adam Haverstock

I ventured into an Asian Grocery store in Northridge, CA the other day. It was incredibly busy, I think because it was more like an indoor bazaar or swap meet. They had dozens of smaller vendors inside the store.

Timm Delaney

This is one of my favorite books. Thanks so much for mentioning it. I think everyone should know about this book, because it makes a LOT of sense to every field, especially real estate marketing. Good post.

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