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June 13, 2007


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Nice post. I agree. It's a good idea to piggy back some of the 'buzz' and or the advertising or marketing of a big company. Say there's a book that a real estate guru has just put out, post a review on your site with key terms for that book.


I think you're right about the two desires we seek.

Shaun McLane

Buzz posting = nice traffic. hope this was well searched.

"Well the internet allows for "community". But, it also can fool us into thinking that we are cutting edge when we are just following."

- I think Myspace is the poster child for this statement.

Nice post.


You are right that internet community makes us fool.If there is good marketing then you are find people rush on them...Nice post,keep it up.

KY Real Estate

Great article. I think most people like The Sopranos, because they can relate to it on some level. I mean most of us aren't in the organized crime game, but Tony's struggles with his marrige and raising his children are things most of us experience in life.

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