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November 16, 2007


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John Clinebell

As unfortunate as it is, the negative media spin actually helps motivate a different demographic to get back into the game (investors and people looking for deals). The way we put it to a lot of our clients; there's always going to be a market for realtors because whether the markets are down or up, there are still going to be transactions. Of course the sheer number of highly profitable transactions is going to be higher in a boom market, but the bust market can also sustain a business if you know how to market aggressively AND smart. We have some clients in Florida who are doing just fine because they know what level of commitment it takes to succeed in the difficult markets there right now.

So the bottom line: no reason to really be down about the way the media spins things. They've been twisting stories since they existed, and as with anything you've gotta just roll with the punches if you wanna stay in the business through the "hard times."

Jeff Fenigstein

I'm an investor in Northern California and although I agree that the media likes to tell the gloom and doom story, it is pretty rough here. San Francisco is the only area holding it's value. The East Bay, has terrible foreclosure numbers and they are growing. In some areas NOD's (notices of default) are up 50% from last year.


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