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February 20, 2008


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Seminar John

Mostly, I wonder what these people were thinking as they tried to use real estate as their personal, get-rich-quick ATM.

Land For Sale Flagler County Florida

I personally think we won't see much change until we have a new presidency. This administration has done much to disgrace this country to the point world leaders are tiring of the all out war mentality. I think the economic situation the country is in an offshut of this administration ability to balance a budget and don't we all feel better with $600.00.

I don't see George Bush giving any speaches after he leaves his post.

We need to start investing in our country. We also as citizens need to be better stewards and be financially and enviromentally responsible. I see "green" as the new growth that will turn this country around people like a cause and feel they can get behind this one.

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