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March 13, 2008


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What an entertaining and thought provoking discussion! Last Sept - my husband & I bought a builder home in Caldwell, ID - first time buyer type - being rented out!
I have a cousin who was in a Cult in 1970+ ... not religious ... more social related, I think.
I will keep this to listen to again!

Tim O'Keefe

Thanks for the listen. And the check! By the way I am giving a talk on blogging in the AM at Phils office.

Pro Real Esate Investor

Dave Lakhani is a genius, and I love the audio track, I am looking a flipping another house over the summer, so thanks for the great real estate tips


A recession is not the end of the world as some would have you think. When a rescission occurs, the economy retracts. At some time after that, it expands again. Understanding this, what is the best time to start the business or to pile on the effort to grow an existing one?


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