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July 25, 2008


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Jeffrey Owen

We do a ton of inspections for investors and foreclosures. Seriously take a hard look at the homes inside and out. If they do not pay the mortgage what else did they not pay for.

Houston, Katy, Sugar Land

Andrea Mills

What is there to whine about? Yes, I will be losing my house, my husband's business has gone belly up, we turned in our truck and drive my small economy car (it's paid for). What are they gonna do? Shoot us? We're healthy and can go to work every day. The sun still comes up every morning and everyday is filled with opportunity.
Again, what is there to whine about?


Even with the abundance of foreclosures, there are great buys on the market if you have the $$$. Looking for resort prop - look in the Rocky Mtns like Aspen and Telluride. I read about it at http://www.tellugramblog.blogspot.com/

Portland Octopus

I agree! Although it is unfortunate for the people who are at loss the people who can buy now should.

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