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June 1, 2009


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Melissa Church

I agree, don't count those chickens until they've hatched! I don't know how many times I followed a lead and that lead materialized into a viewing and that viewing turned into a contract....then, bam! That call in the middle of the night on my ansering machine, "Thank Missy but we're going to have to back out of the contract, we're having second thoughts." Ouch. Second thoughts, eh? Wish they would've told me that before I bought those shoes. :) Oh well live and learn.

Denver Mortgage

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Real Estate Continuing Education

You never you what you are getting with real estate leads. There could be something worth looking at, but most of the time its going to go nowhere. You just have to stick it out and eventually you will make a sale.

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To be on the top of the search engine is plus factor for you to be able get leads but not all the time it convert to sales. Well I think that's how SEO works to increase traffic and convert readers as a client.

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