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January 5, 2006


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Risa and David Weiss

Thanks for the mention in your 2006 predictions regarding video/blogging! I'll mention the reference to my work on my Chicago Real Estate blog - http://chicago.yourinternetagents.com - and trackback to you. While I'm here, I might as well alert you to my new Vegas Real Estate blog, too - you guessed it... http://vegas.yourinternetagents.com

My prediction for 2006:

1. The big brokerages and top producing agents will eat the little guys alive in the struggle for lead generation and online marketing "turf".

2. We will start to see the least technologically savvy agents go the way of the dinosaurs, with the 'net being their asteroid rocketing toward earth. I've already heard some experienced agents complaining about lack of business.

3. With inventories of properties increasing, being a listing agent ain't what it used to be. Those who have the buyers will be the new kings.

Happy 2006!

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