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November 9, 2006


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Account Deleted

I am flatterted that the article I wrote on the Tomato inspired such an informative and insightful post.

I do feel however, that the topic I investigated has been misrepresented.

You state: My point is that trying to comment on national issues can only quickly frame you in the wrong place when you want local buyers.

The article that inspired this point never makes the claim to write articles that are 'national issues.' In fact it says the opposite:
"Take a moment to analyze the ethical boundary of allowing people with a criminal record to practice real estate (because of a local instance) and you'll find the topic globally interesting. Talk about a local sign ordinance that prevents advertising an open house with the standard signage, others will comment that you're not alone."

The real issue I was investigating is that the audience we reach can not be contained to local visitors, and in fact the local audience is the minority. Since that is the case, I was presenting the benefits that can be considered due to the above fact.

And the conclusion that may have led you astray was that by leveraging and accepting your national audience, you can in turn improve the effectiveness you have with the local audience.... which as we can all agree is where the money is.

Tim O'Keefe

Gotcha, thanks for setting me straight Jim.


In our local area,at least the city I do business in and live in most people are not internet savvy. However surrounding cities and communities have a more savvy crowd. My issue is giving local news to include the few in my own community who are internet literate and the many in neighboring communites who use the internet frequently. Because our real estate office is part of a chain, it's challenging to use our website/blog in a way that is useful to our client. I'm finding that I need to use other avenues such as craigslist and discussion boards along with the website/blog to gain any traffic. I have not thought about monetization at this time, but just building up traffic and finding a meaningful way to give the type of information people want. This is a new field. I love reading your suggestions.

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