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April 1, 2007


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Adam Bailey

I have to admit I was a scanner. I just sent an email giving props for a job well done. I did catch the google April fools joke by mistake.

Tim O'Keefe

Thanks Adam and thanks for your email enterin the contest.

Peg S Archibald

Alright, I am very much a scanner as well. I did catch certain phrases.
There really is so much to read in a day. Thanks for the contest.

Lance Kenmore

Great joke, you sure fooled me the first time. I have to agree that in this fast paced world, we all tend to skim over a lot of material that is placed on the internet, just looking at the things that we want to see. On top of that you have proved that we don't take the time to do our own investigation of information that we are filling our heads with. Thanks for the opportunity to win the links.

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