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April 5, 2007


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john harper

Tim - assuming that every click is paid for. In the case of #2 with no form hassle - perhaps, because it is free access 20% to 30% of the visitors are returning without pay per click. Or perhaps they have better organic traffic.

I'd like to see it boiled down some more. It's an issue we are constantly wrestling with as I am sure many others are.

I like the content you bring to the party.

Tim O'Keefe

All organic and some branding on both ends. Heavily weighted for the Gold Coats.

By the way something I noticed was that when I made commenting easier on this blog (less hoops) all of a sudden I started getting more comments. It only makes sense.

The post above is really to make peopl elook at their results and be willing to test one vs the other.

Results always vary and you never know till you test.

Sandy Collins

We have combined the two approaches and allow consumers to see all of the listings on our new website with Birdview, but when they ask for more details, they need to give us their email address and can provide a name/phone.

Tom Lyons

Hmmmm, good data Tim. I know I've been struggling with the same decision. I have no doubt that forcing people thorugh the hoop will get more people through the hoop , but is the data as accurate, are people putting in false information just to get the information and if so what's the cost of chasing false leads even if it is only a few moments to make a follow up call. I'd like to see some results on that, maybe it's time I try testing to see what happens. If I get around to it I'll pass the results on to you.

Mortgage Movies

Interesting. Thanks so much for the great tips. I might have more question about this later.

Michael Carucci

Great article.

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