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May 18, 2007


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One way to avoid click fraud is to avoid buying into it. A cheaper and more effective alternative is targeted TV. Two companies produce excellent ads for the real estate industry: TVsellsRealEstate.com and Cheap-TV-Spots.com. TVsellsRealEstate.com produces the commercials for free as part of an inexpensive air time package.

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Better way than the above poster said is to get your site to rank in google and yahoo organically. I read a study recently that 80% of people using google will not click on the paid adds because they don't think they are as relevant to what they are looking for.

James Boyer
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The author mentioned that "Google may not even care to stop the bad clicks." I don't think this is necessarily true. If click fraud gets out of control, advertisers will eventually move away from PPC because it will be too cost prohibitive for them. If Google starts to lose ad revenue, then they will start to care about reducing the amount of click fraud.

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