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May 4, 2007


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Cecilia Sherrard

It would be interesting to hear some success stories from real estate agents. I've just hired another assistant and have considered something like this. There's something about not being in front of your employees that still doesn't sit well with me. I'll stop back to hopefully read some opinions...

Suzanne Roy

Hi Cecelia, This is Suzanne and I am the author of the above blog. I hear your concern about not having the co-worker right in front of you on occasion and would love to have you speak to a few of my long-time clients to get their opinion of my virtual work for them. Nothing like getting it from the horses mouth, as they say! Please email me at vawork@vawork.com and I will forward you a couple of references for you to speak to and gain some ease about how we can do everything (but filing, phew!) from "virtually" anywhere. Thanks, Suzanne Roy.

Laura Monroe

Hi Suzanne!
From one real estate virtual assistant to another, you are absolutely right on the money! I also think that one of the best benefits VAs can be to agents, is that in a market shift, or even seasonal shift, a VA is much more affordable on the budget than an employee....great article!

Jeri Winkler

Wonderful article! As a fellow real estate VA I totally agree 100%! The services we can offer agents allow them to keep more $$ in their pockets and more time on their hands! It is a win-win situation for all of us!


I’ve taken a quick look at your postings, which are very interesting. Lots of material and ideas! Congrats on being so focused!

Chris Heath

Great article, I would like to know more. I own a real estate company in Bangkok and it would be great to be able to outsource work to more knowledgeable American workers.


if you go to wahm.com (stands for work at home moms) there is a forum with a board especially pertaining to virtual assistance. I'd check that out if you are interested in learning more

Ace Concierge, LLC

Great article. There has been so much press recently on the VA industry and how beneficial the services are, and not just for the real estate agent. From small businesses to large, there are extensive VA solutions to assist in many aspects of someone's personal and professional life, enabling a healthy work life balance and business support.


Ace Concierge, LLC - New Hampshire

Pattie Cordova

I completely agree that VAs save time AND money by working efficiently and effectively. It is often the case that tasks that could be handed off to a VA are handed to others within the company - but many times they are busy with their own work and in the end, takes a lot longer to accomplish simple tasks. VAs are trained to make the most of our time and pass on the value to our customers. Thank you Suzanne for expanding to others what VAs can do and how we can help professionals in every industry.


Pattie Cordova
Time Defenders


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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