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June 26, 2007


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chris sylvada

Bravo! I always like to remind agents I coach that the most powerful communication is face to face, next is a phone call, next is a personal note and last seems to be the standard, easy to send very little thought required,, generic effortless and soul-less email.

Lisa Merritt

Real Estate Agents have more avenues for online marketing than ever before, and new features on sites allow realtors to start discussion and relationship building online as well. While it does come down to the phone call and face to face, taking advantage of posts, blogs, profiles, and community features on listing sites can get the relationship off to a great start!
Lisa Merritt, President

Staten Island Real Estate

It's all about creating that relationship, and using your skills to make a sale, and then staying on top of things to close it. If buyers would buy a house, just by clicking on a listing, I'd be a millionaire...

Cecilia Sherrard

You are so correct! Getting customers in the door may be easy, but having what they want and need makes them purchase. - Being the information provider and not the hounding pushy salesperson with little to offer is key. Offering the right amount of contact at the right times is crucial and it pays off. Nobody likes follow-up especially if they feel they are bothering someone, so picking the right system to stay and remain takes practice and sometimes error. Scheduling a prospecting time per week devoted to online leads and sticking to it will bring results. Good post. =)

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