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July 4, 2007


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Barrett Niehus


You have been an expert in real estate and online marketing for some time now. What recommendations would you make for REALTORS who now need to change tactics to adjust to the new market? I would love to get your thoughts and feedback.


Michael Manning

Hi I am the SEO at Foreclosure.com. It is all about links as you state. We also offer something that will help realtor's get traffic. You can appear as the contact realtor on the properties on our site. We charge $20 per month per zipcode (http://www.foreclosure.com/ramp/) to appear as the contact agent.

Dave Weiss - Chicago REALTOR

I have a secret for the best inbound links ever.

But if I tell you about it, I'll ruin my competitive advantage. What I can tell you is to get creative. Think about the sites you'd like to have link to yours, and then figure out a way to make that happen.

Tim O'Keefe

My simple answer to the shifting market? And if you feel this chaned market,then that means your marketing strategy is failing and it is time to get off this box and go old school.

Prospect. Expireds were my favorite back when the bubble burst in the early 90's.

But you have to find something that has fast turnaround.

Gabe Lombard


New to the SEO scene, does it matter what sites link to your site or is it just a numbers game?




Quality wins out on links over quantity all day long. 4 years ago quantity was important, now I Google et al places much more emphasis on the quality of links coming in.

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