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August 21, 2007


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Rebecca Levinson

There are so many questions similar to or in the same nature as the question posed about Google Ads and SEO- It appears to me that organic traffic is a matter of following a sequence of good practices and elbow greasing consistent hard work, If there is a proven quick fix work around- be assured Google will find it.

Rebecca D. Levinson, http://www.connect2agent.com


Actually, SEM and Google Adwords does play a definite role - just stop or pause your google adwords account and watch what happens. Within a few days to a few weeks (depending on how competative the keywords are and the quality of your website) you will see a ranking drop across the board. It may be only a few spots, but it will happen. You can have a completely scammy website and actually have a program which completely rips off people like a late night informercial. For an example read this page I found yesterday about Foreclosuresdaily.com which is a complete scam and yet it ranks highly and has great links http://bestbraindrain.com/2007/08/03/foreclosuresdailycom--is-it-a-real-money-making-program-or-is-it-just-another-real-estate-scam.aspx). So good SEO does require a little SEM to include Google Adwords.


C Hamberger

Google seems to be a very, if not overly honest company. Even though it would make sense that those who use their products would gain in the organic search but Google would never dilute their name by trying to pull something like that.

Tim O'Keefe

Boris with all due respect you are wrong in that running Adwords will make your organic fair better.
If that was the case we all would have the secret sauce yes? And Google as a "legitimate" business would be called into question.

C Hamberger-I am not sure what overly honest means. And I know because they say they "do no evil" as their mantra does not make it so.

Be assured that they are beholden to their stockholders asa public entitity . So to call them overly honest I think is an exageration.

I think they are in fact good willed.That is good business. Which does not mean they are honest or dishonest. They do what they need to do to protect and advance their position. Like any company would. And often times honesty has nothing to do with it. It is not a moral or ethical issue. It is a business issue.


The entire internet has their eye on Google - and scrutinizes every little thing they do. I don't see how they can possibly get away with much of anything evil. So their tagline works.

Kelly Collins

I have recently seen proof of Rebecca's example of pausing your adwords for a few days--our traffic certainly showed the downward impact. I have been looking at this SEO question for awhile and the solution seems to favor those in it for the long run. Just like with most things, you will get out of it what you put into it. Relevant content, keywords, etc.

Kevin Lett

Google might seem strict on the outside but they are actually quite fair in their issuance of PR. They punish those who use deceptive means to try to boost their PR. The only way to be successful with page rank is to add good, original content to your site. Traffic and rank will be rewarded accordingly.

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