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August 21, 2007


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Norvell Rose

Absolutely - I couldn't agree more - Video is the future of online real estate marketing! In fact, that's exactly how I begin my presentation to real estate agents, brokers, builders, developers and related advertisers.

My name is Norvell Rose. In addition to being a REALTOR, I'm also the Founder and CEO of www.RexNet.tv - Internet Television for Real Estate. On Rex, you'll find professionally produced, high-quality property tours and agent profiles - cool content designed to attract and appeal to motivated consumer traffic. Our purpose is clear - help agents sell listings and market themselves, as they satisfy sellers, bring on buyers, and provide video-rich information in an engaging, interactive online environment.

I'd love for you to check out www.RexNet.tv and offer any feedback. We're here for the long term, dedicated to capitalizing on the Internet video craze with a biz plan that's sane and sound.


Skiing at Home dot com

I just passed my state real estate board exam today and plan on using video to market. I helped a friend sell a home by editing a video for them, video helps so much!

I have some skiing videos on my site, crazy stuff there!

Greece Property

I agree with you that video is definately the future of the internet, so of course it will also play an important role in the promotion of real estate.

At the beginning of this year we launched a property website for Greece and Cyprus (www.helona.gr). Our goal was to implement video at an early stage, but due to the low speed connection here in Greece, we have delayed the development of video presentations, but we see great potential when the infrastructure is ready for it.


Thanks for the article...really valuable!

Shawn Pringle

Yes, video should be filmed properly for real estate, but I don't think Brad is speaking about video as it pertains to real estate necessarily. He is speaking on more general terms, commenting on the many video web 2.0 sites out there that try to be the next Youtube.

Video is here to stay and the benefits to the real estate world are almost too many to post.

Of course I am biased, but I am certainly not the only one that feels this way. Check out www.placetour.com to see the next generation of virtual tours.

Ethan Marten


A real estate or mortgage website must have these two elements if it is to have a shot at success:

1. A Unique Selling Proposition that drives its purpose.
2. A Call to Action or offer.

It is also important that your video, likewise, must have a purpose. You are trying to show the property in the best light. It is so important for your video to have production value. This doesn't mean you need to lay down dolly track and bring in cranes. Just remember clean shooting, good camera work, lighting and sound can either be your best friends or worst enemies if you ignore them.

Feel free to examine the content on RexNet.tv, and e-mail questions about your shoot. We would be happy to advise whether you use us or not.

All the Best, Ethan

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