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September 4, 2007


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I am a full time marketing assistant for several mortgage loan officers and a few Realtors who are doing great even in this market (Sept 07). The key is to market to your sphere of influnce, past customers, friends, family, neighbors, aquaintances, etc. DO SOMETHING! The people who are going to survive this cycle are the professionals who either have a niche or have a marketing plan in place. I tell my L.O.s and Realtors almost everyday to keep at the plan. It works! I am happy to share ideas with anybody!

Virtual Receptionist

I have a 20 year background in real estate and office administration, and there certainly are times when going "virtual" makes sense. It's not for everyone, but is affordable compared to hiring a physical person for the job. It's also becoming very popular. The fact that you can get a Toll Free Number as part of the service is very appealing to a real estate rep who specializes in relocations.
Barbara Cipak

Rick Marnon, Howell

I am a fairly new real estate agent, and through reading a number of stats that the NAR provides regarding where agents are getting their business is definitely outside their sphere of influence. They state that less than 12% of agents obtain more than 25% of their leads online, but over 80% of people are searching online to find either their next home or agent. I have been working for the last number of months on obtaining as much information as possible about lead generation and the best way to do it. Blogging has proven to be the best, but this is a touchy game to play as you don't want to upset those that host sites you can comment, and blog on.
Rick Marnon, Howell

Connie Stahl

I have a marketing/virtual assistant business for almost two years now. I like blogging with fellow VT's and with Realtors to get their views on the newest marketing tips and suggestions how they like to market themselves. With the market being the way it is I hear a lot of creative ideas and love it! I do see a growing need for virtual assistance. Not paying a person to sit at a desk and surf the net on your dime is very appealing. Most people can not afford a physical person for 30 hours a week. And since the virtual assistant has her eyes and ears out there they are a good source for the newest marketing tips!

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