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September 24, 2007


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creed smith

HI, thanks for noticing us :)

The biggest difference Universal MLS offers is that it is 100% market-centric, not the broker-centric model all other MLS's are. Also, we allow not only anyone to input data--but more importantly to extract it, add valuable services, information, analyses, etc, and then republish it. We don't hold the data on one site; that would harm the public. And we're not a "retail" site for buyers to look for homes. We operate solely as a "warehouse" and conduit of information. Think of Universal MLS as the real estate version of the database travel sites like Orbitz draw their flight schedules and hotel rooms from. Or like the database schwab.com draws from to sell stock. In both cases the "retail" sites draw from some kind of central data source, add value, information, and convenience, and then re-publish it. Universal MLS now serves this function for the real estate industry. Anyone can build a business model, use our data, and serve the public. Whoever serves the public's needs the best grows. Those who do not, fail. It's free enterpirse creating dynamic solutions within a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Tim O'Keefe

I wish you all the luck in your endeavor.

There is a change in the wind for sure. After I wrote about your site, I saw that Real estate Umbrella is launching here in Cali.

From their site:
" brokers, realtors and agents that exist today are being re-purposed for tomorrow. Stand by for the real estate market shakeup....offering the ability to close a transaction without an agent"

From what I can tell they are forsalebyowner.com on steroids with transaction management and tools to replace the agent.

It is getting interesting folks.

Logan Realtors

Personally I think a universal MLS would be great. Realtor.com currently seeks to do that for a client basis, but it is often dated and doesn't give as much relevent info as a MLS needs.

In my market of the local MLS has way too much control.

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