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October 2, 2007


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Mind Control Techniques

I agree with your comments about the constant bombardment with spam and telemarketers and people becoming immune to these types of advertisements. However, because the 'net-generation' has an inexperience with in-person advertisers this makes us especially vulnerable to in-person advertising. Technology has isolated people and young people lack an understanding of social behaviors that influence others. Thus the door to door salesman will slowly come back into existence.

Tim O'Keefe's SEO tips

I agree. I often tell people to get back to direct mail. Noone else is doing it.

Becky Strome

Most people who are about to lose homes have purchased way above their means to begin with, why should the Federal Government bail them out. Most of the younger generation feel they should have (NOW) what it took their parents years to pay for.

Erik - Park City Real Estate Guide

Great suggestion about the value of being transparent in your interactions with people. This is especially difficult to convey over the internet, but when you can pull it off, it's magic!

mike paul

If this was Obama who's charicter was in question the NY Times would never slander his name.Let us look to who is best suited to lead this wonderful contry,and let the people decide who is right to run this nation. frankly i think all papers and reporters should wait untill after the grneral election to start thire smir jobs. not during. Shame on NY Times.

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