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October 24, 2007


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Tim O'Keefe

Steps in an escrow

Steve E Ontello

How about using youtube? Check out these guys:


Just thought you guys might want to know about this cool site that gives home buyers, sellers and refis tens of thousands of free air miles. Their building a strong partnership between us real estate service professionals and it would be good to get in ASAP.
Check it out at:

Kristine Callow

Twitter is an interesting social networking tool. It is great for quick, light-weight stuff, but I think social networking can be employed for better uses in the real estate realm.

I ran across http://realestate.konnects.com and it seems like an interesting website. It was free, so I checked it out.

It advertises itself as social networking for real estate professionals and I actually found it to be pretty good. I was able to connect to some of my friends (also realtor's) who were already on there.

I like that it is a social network designed specifically for real estate people.

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