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October 16, 2007


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Ryan Moore

Tim, you are right on the money with this article. I have the pleasure (and stress) of serving on the board of my regions MLS. I feel pressure from every angle as an agent, a business owner who tries to stay on the cutting edge and as a representative of my local Realtor board to both serve our clients and to keep my business profitable. Thank you for posting this information! It is rare to find this sort of insight. Keep it up!

Tim O'Keefe

Thanks Ryan

David Weiss

One problem.

Bill may very well be breaking the law in many states, and risks huge fines for practicing real estate sales without a license.

Go get yourself licensed, Bill, then get busted for advertising listings that aren't yours, and have your license stripped from you or get booted from the NAR.

It's great to come up with better ideas, but we should all be careful to make sure the playing field is level and we are all getting our jobs done in an ethical and legal manner.

Ann Cummings

Ah the devine interlopers at play! I try and try to get agents I know to understand just what what's happening when we give away our content that we work so hard for, and yet time and again, they just don't get it.

One day, everyone is going to wake up and the cows are going to be so far out that door that they'll never be seen again......

Tim O'Keefe

Its too late. NAR has lost faith amongst its agents and it has lost its ability to keep the MLS intact.

The anti trust scare has kept them from fighting I think. It didnt help that they turned the Realtor.com site into a for profit venture, working against its own agents.

It is time for the agent population to find ways to redefine its value proposition beyond its data.

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