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October 9, 2007


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Florida Real Estate Attorney

I have clients "accidently" lie to me on a regular basis regarding things in which I will always find out the truth, such as if they have been paying all their recent mortgage payments. Then when I order the payoff statement, I can see clearly that they are three months behnd on payments.

Tim O'Keefe

It is for this reason why that I think the website that is the most open (transparent), and less in your face salesey gets consistent readership and a following.

I think the mistake that most agents do are:
1. Nothing. They do not attempt to find their voice.
2. Copy and Paste blogging. Not really offering anything to the conversation.
3. Joining the wrong conversation.

Because the reality is that we really are showing our colors whether we are open or we are not.

The old saying is appropriate:
"I cannot hear a word you are saying because who you are speaks so loudly". Websites need to offer clarity in their mission and values.

1.What does the Realtor agent/Broker stand for?
2. What makes them and their site a non commodity? A value in the marketplace?

In other words what is the Value Proposition? Often that is more than likely proven out textually thru a blog or site. To merely say it is usally going to fall on deaf ears. To prove it is everything.

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Reenas Creations Fabric Trim Wholesale

I do the same myself and I don't think I am a hypocrat. I think it is not really "lies". It is just a necessary, in fact, appropriate, workplace behavioral technique to maintain professional relationshhips. If all of us were to become an open book, the workplace would be a gossip-mongering monster in no time..

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