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November 28, 2007


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Chicago Real Estate

It went from Froogle to Base to the bland "Google Product Search", which they just shortened to Products on their search page.

But you're right. All the listings are gone, or just very hard to find.

Google always seems to be experimenting with different offerings. I've never seen a ton of traffic from Google Product Search anyway, so I'm not missing much. Maybe Google realized they're not generating a ton of interest (or AdWords profit) from posting the listings and opted for something more lucrative?

Caitlyn Stornt

Okay the way things are these days is who gets to be on the first page on google. Links. Links. Links. No doubt about that. The question is, does it guarantee clients? Is it not the main point should be gaining customers? Anyway, yes it may seems google could help real estate agents, brokers and sellers with their business, but there are also other alternatives like other modern media. For instance, the extra added features of mobile network services. Although it still requires the help of the Internet, this application (http://www.cellmyhouse.org) is designed to reach clients instantly anytime and anywhere.

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