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November 5, 2007


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Chris Dowell

I have had a home that I have had difficulty selling. Last week the seller decided to offer a new convertible BMW http://BMW.DowellTaggart.com Any ideas on marketing?

Tim O'Keefe

How about an open house sale event?
In other words during a certain time period, viewers will get incentives for coming to, and purchasing the home.

This causes a scarcity and competition. You also will get social proof implemented. Whereby, people who are unsure, look to others for what to do. (Scarcity and Social Proof are from the Cialdini book Influence).

This is the biggest problem in the market today, besides credit liquidity.

Any one else?

Jim Cronin

Thanks for the Hat Tip, Tim!

Tim O'Keefe


Now I am pushing hats? hmmmm lol


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