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November 6, 2007


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I've been wondering about how to go about starting to market properties. I figured you kinda gotta have a homebase, something to point people to on the internet.
I found a great site that helps with creating a real estate website: homestead.com. They let you try it out for free and you can even get professional web design help.

Cecilia Sherrard

Well well, as a Real Living agent in Ohio, your blog perked my ears right up... Yes we do market to the female demographic. We also market ourselves in a not so typical/traditional manner. There's no Victorian, stuffy feel to our hold music, offices or ads. We're quite modern and very high tech. The standard office has a lava lamp, bubbles on the walls and red and chrome furniture. Not the typical jingle or layout here. Innovative and new. As I've said to the president, "We're paving a new road for a new generation."

I'm happy with my company and what it has achieved in a short period. I'm proud to have the largest agent website in the state representing the largest company. Thanks for shedding light on a newly found franchise and their fresh and bold marketing ideas.



Pretty good article, now I have an Idea about real estate marketing coz im new to real estate. This article can help me a lot.

Thanks and Good job posting this one.

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