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December 27, 2007


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The Internet is very crowded. The agent of the future (or today) has to become immersed in all the social networking capabilities available so they can pursue the appropriate marketing efforts to get noticed in the crowd.

houseblogger seo

Agreed, but I also think that the major alignment is the struggle to create content.


True. Adapting to new ways is everything. Keeping your site as versatile as possible with good consumer content will be key in our market. Good article!

Brett Wilson

Great post! I have been speaking with and counseling agents for a year now and I feel that they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into changing the way business is done.

The continued "set in their ways" mentality will be the end of the agent if they do not adapt.

As it is now it seems there will be a 30% reduction in active agents....which may not be a bad thing.

john sanderson

Great article! I agree with my fellow posters that we will have to 'adapt or die' when it comes to adopting the interactive online community to further our business ends...it is imperative that we determine which way the market is going if we don't want to go the way of the dinosaurs!


Great post. Not just in real estate, but every business will fall behind if they don't start utilizing the internet as a serious part of their marketing and PR mix.


The Internet is certainly the future and every agent wanting to compete needs to be Internet savvy. Eventually those teenagers are going to become competitors and clients.

Jane Ellsworth

I'm amazed that when you talk to so many agents about online marketing resources they come back with the standard line of "I'm too busy for that right now" and I always wonder really busy doing what? I've never heard a top producer complain that they were too busy. What I believe they are really saying is "I don't understand it and don't want to” Online marketing is not a fad, its not going to go away. The Internet is here to stay, just look at how it’s changed our business within the past 5 years alone.

Tim O'Keefe

I think the issue is overwhelm. There seems to be so many possibilities, and each one involves some pain: time and/or money. In the end the future is online. What gives the most bang for the buck, etc. This is what I attempt to tackle here on houseblogger to help save everyone from wasting time.

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