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December 5, 2007


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Chicago Real Estate

I turned you on to that?

Oh, yes. Now I remember. I wrote something on my www.SeriousRe.com real estate blog about Facebook, and why I have no intention of using the service.

Honestly, I don't know what all the hub-bub is about with Facebook, ActiveRain, and some of the other social networking sites.

Take Twitter, for instance. Am I going to find tons of clients (or even just one?) who subscribe to my Tweets (I almost called them "Twits") so that they can read 100 of my latest 2 second text message postings on what I'm doing at any given time of the day?


All the agents fluttering about at these social sites are missing the boat, in my humble opinion, which is why my new blog has a completely different take on things than you'll generally find out in the REALTOR blogosphere.

The way I see it? Agents can go Tweet, gather up a big friends list of other REALTORs on FaceBook, or go make an ActiveRain profile page, which is also REALTOR focused.

While they're doing that, I am going to try to communicate interesting and relevant Chicago real estate information via my blog to consumers who might want to buy or sell propery.

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