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January 1, 2008


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I totally agree about AR. While I use it regularly, I have found it to be populated with other agents, not consumers. I have never and doubt I ever will sell a home to an agent. However it does prove relevency and could be a source of google juice if used correctly.

Lane Bailey

I am an A/R user... and have a pretty good collection of points.

I agree with you on some of the things you mentioned. There is a tendency by some to pad their points with junk-mail posts. However, I would also mention that most of those that aren't willing to put up real posts are also not willing to keep up the posting long enough to make a difference.

Another thing to keep in mind is that A/R isn't designed as a consumer site. It is for those in the industry. Localism IS a consumer site. There are still some junk posts, but those tend to not make it to the better positions for the city, county or state the consumer may be looking for.

One could make the same argument about consumer relevance on a blog like Bloodhound... or here. These aren't targeted towards consumers, but rather are discussions for those inside the industry.

The bottom line is that using A/R as a platform for consumers, without posting consumer relevant posts on Localism is pointless.

On to Redfin... their demand is based upon ignorance. If consumers fully understood exactly what Redfin was saying to them, their backers would be out the millions in funding they have put up.

Through all of the bluster about commissions, they couldn't function without full commissions being offered... or their rebates would go away. They couldn't function without dedicated listing agents... or they would have to actually show properties... and then they wouldn't be able to afford to rebate most of the selling side commission. Their "discoveries" about marketing were covered in basic classes most agents took when they signed on to a brokerage (at least any Realogy franchise, and I would bet that GMAC and RE/MAX teach the same things, among others).

Nathan Blair

I still like AR, but my activity there has declined recently because of the things that you talk about in your post. I like the individuality that my non-AR blog gives me, and I think it's much more attractive to a consumer. I don't always post about real estate, but I do try to focus on what the consumer might be interested in, and that's why AR doesn't keep my attention as much anymore. I've kind of gotten over the points thing.


Some posts on AR, and a good number of them, are done by marketers and SEO companies on the behalf of their real estate clients. This alone can bring down the quality of discussions to a mere social interaction empowered by lack of knowledge regarding real estate.

P in Co

I've come to the conclusion that having a conversation through the form of a blog is a lot less effective than having one on the phone or face to face. That being said, it is nice to meet other bloggers. I just find them to be less fascinating or interesting in person than they are online.

Snap Up Real Estate

Maybe it's worth a post to discuss what are the best sites for Realtors to frequent. Do agents get more results from a community type site or from their own?

Maria Kernahan

I'm new to A/R, but like the idea of having a real estate industry site. Other networking sites have so much noise, a real estate industry site makes a lot of sense. And no, I don't think I'll find a buyer there, but maybe a referral or a good idea

I too would love to get a list of other sites that Realtors should frequent.


I use AR but I'm starting to feel that if you don't gush about how GREAT it is or how much it has CHANGED YOUR LIFE then you aren't going to get comments.

The problems I see is that the network isn't focused on consumers but on patting each other on the back (yes Localism is there) and that blogging styles are cookie cutter. Three paragraphs with photos interspersed... Who started that anyway? It is now the de rigueur way to post and very redundant.

It's great for Google ranking though.

Camille O'Donnell

I love AR for the commaraderie and the support of other agents. I have learned so much by reading posts and viewing other agent examples. I have referred it to my blog: www.qachousingmarket.com
many times.

Daryn Secrist

I just returned from a Interior Redesign Specialist Conference. Last month I attended a Staging Expo in Wilsonville Oregon. That was the first I'd heard of Active Rain. It sounds like a great way to connect and share information.


Owner Devine Redesign
Home Stager

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