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January 21, 2008


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Good Post Tim. It seems as the majority of people jumping into the SN craze are not looking specifically to find a new "Buddy" but as an undercover ruse at just finding a new hot prospect. Whole marketing systems abound in teaching people how to market by attracting people to yourself through linking and blogging in hopes of generating leads. Don't get me wrong...I'm guilty too and there is nothing at all wrong with it...It is what it is! I'm sure after awhile these will all be so overpopulated with "hitmen" looking for another victim that we all will just move on to some other media.

Never give up, Never surrender
renegademarketers.com (now I am a hitman)

P.S. Are you any relation to Everett or Joe O'Keefe in Central California?

Chris Heath

Sure all the new web marketing tools are free these days but the speed the rules are changing we all need to hire a whizz on the computer in the office, to complement the old style sales guy.

John Carle

As a fellow real estate blogger from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it's refreshing to see someone not sitting back on his laurels and waiting for the world to go by.

Likewise, as Realtors we cannot hope to keep up with the dramatically changing pace of the techno world, especially since our industry was so late to embrace the online world to begin with.

Want good internet ideas? Don't go to other Realtors... we're a bad example!


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