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May 19, 2008


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Missouri Real Estate

The low percentage of buyer stating the internet played a significant part in the purchase could also be attributed to how significant is defined. If a buyer goes to an agent and stated I saw these homes on-line and I wish to tour them - I define that a significant. Afterwards, the buyer may state that they based their purchase on the home tours, when in realty what they toured was influenced strongly by the internet search.

Coach Tim SEO

For sure I think we all agree that- what is the number used so often-79% start online?
The problem with real estate is that by its nature they do not finish online.
Until you can put a purchase contract up on the web and negotiate online, there is no online sale, like say Amazon.
So your website is the beginning, it is no way the middle or end.
That is where people are screwing up royaly. Thinking a site is a replacement. I see so called gurus saying the lead is dead. Bull Tookey!Its about the relationship sure. But unless you ask the girl out on a second date you ain't going out on a second date. Period.

Unless you are having a relationship thru a chatroom which I doubt you can do with a real estate prospect, you will not get very far online.

The motivator is the repulsion to sterotypical salesmen. But that has always been that way. That is why you get paid so damned much per deal. But when you take on a fiduciary realtionship with the prospect then they are in your care, and it does not feel like your are pushing them into anything but what is best for them.

If there was a giant consumer movement to buy online, then the consumer groups would demand it.

But they are not are they? They are starting online then going offline.

And based on my own numbers the amount buying from the site owners/agents are pathetically low. Why is that? IT is because most salespeople are afraid to ask for a commitment. They are afraid in traditional belly to belly to close. And now web 2.0 and such is an excuse to not have to do what a salesman does or is supposed to do. Sell.

Joseph Ferrara.sellsius

My evidence, although limited, supports this.

As you say, folks start on online but finish offline.

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