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June 4, 2008


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Cape Girardeau Missouri Real Estate

Today we had 20+ call for agent wanting real estate photos. Yesterday we had 15+ calls. So it appears that at least the market in SE Missouri is turning around.

Wendy Polisi

It is wonderful to hear something positive for a change, thanks for that!!!!

For some reason, Real Estate seems to be an emotional buy for people and they often want to buy at the wrong times. With stocks, people do well with the Buy Low/ Sell High mentality. When it comes to real estate, it seems that they want to buy "when the market is hot" and are afraid to move when things slow down.

When do investors buy???? NOW!!! There are great deals out there!

Richard - Cedar City Real Estate

I know there are people here in Utah that are waiting due to the recent high spike that we had here. The market experienced a 30% inflation and there are many people who bought at the wrong time and have lost their shorts.

Due to that I know people are waiting however there will be many who wait to long like you say they will. Great post.

Jonathan Blackwell

Absolutely, enough negativity around. This is the absolute best time to buy, especially if you have a good Realtor and Lender to help you navigate through the market!

Vancouver realtor

The D-day for buyers has to come once. The fall was substantial, but has to stop once. Half a year ago I read many articles, stating that end would come during the spring. It seems the recovery is coming now, at the beginning of summer!
Best wishes!

Burnaby Real Estate Agent

I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Canada is starting to grow again, and America is starting to show some promise. When this article was written, i would say the premise was a little premature.

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