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June 25, 2008


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I am so with you on this one. I have told people for a long time that video is the future and that virtual tours will soon be replaced.

Thanks for the different ideas.

Christian Sterner

Thanks for the thoughts all...great post! To be sure, WellcomeMat is meant to accommodate people wanting to create their own videos as well. But, just like property owners that hire an agent or property manager to better market their property instead of striking out on their own, the well-advised real estate professional might opt for professional help on the video front.

Bottom line is that we are the last team on earth to tell anyone that they can't do something, and have seen quite a few great videos produced by do-it-yourselfers. But, in my opinion, the business world would be a better place if people stuck to their strengths. In fact, the real estate industry is founded upon this rule.

George Tsafonias

Video is where everything is going and the reason is the way people learn. We all have different learning styles. (/Audio/Visual/Interactive/Text) and video is the only medium that appeals to ALL learning styles which is why its hear to stay.

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People buy RE Agents before they will buy a house.


There is no doubt in my mind that video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques available for real estate agents and investors on the internet. Thanks for a great post.

Peter K.
Creator of RealEstateBlackBook.com

Marcie Sweet

I am a real estate agent and am sick of seeing the same old virtual tour or homes so I took a different approach with this video. I released a teaser video and then followed up with a mini-film. It's a little dramatic and the marketing is indirect but that's what I like about it. I have not see anything like this...anywhere. Any comments?
FILM RELEASE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdzPhqifcC4
PS AND YOU WILL COME HOME...is dedicated to those who offer the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve all that is right, good and truly American.
MLS# 991170: A mini video that has been written, directed, filmed, and produced by a builder and his agent in Nashville, TN as a means to market the builder's latest project, a majestic American Foursquare located at 1742 Hillmont Drive, Nashville, TN. In the film, a young American Korean War veteran makes his long journey back home after serving his country in battle. He is reunited with his family and inherits all that is right and good in life- the love of his strong family, a special heirloom gift from his proud father, and knowing he is finally home.

Account Deleted

Video marketing is effective that's right, but video have to be properly created and managed. It's not only once uploaded on YouTube can be a great solution.

Niche targeted mass video content will work effectively when under proper control and tracking.

How to manage, track and force them to dominate the hundreds of videos, uploaded accross the web from one place...

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