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July 18, 2008


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Eric Brown

It seems you spent a tremendous amount of time making judgments about things you don't fully understand.

You talk about web 2.0 being nothing more than a pig with makeup, yet you are using a blog with commenting, etc. Which is a major foundation block of web 2.0.

You talk about social 2.0, which is a term I have never heard before.

I think you may be trying to get at web 3.0 or the Semantic Web which simply describes the direction that the web is going in that the public wants understanding not just information.

I find it sad when someone rants on and on about stuff that they are using to rant. You might as well bitch about equipment used by a band in a concert and do it using a mic, speakers, and amp.

And leave Social Distortion out of whole deal...a poor attempt to make this post catchy. Mike Ness would be sad I think.

Tim O'Keefe


Thanks for your comments.I think you miss the point of the post however. I struggled with doing one long post vs a shorter one. So perhaps I should have gone the other way. Nevertheless, the reason for the rock / punk anaology was to draw the reader to the nature of men and women to be drawn to shared movements and their culture. It was not an attempt to be slick. It started off showing a number of genres that are fun to listen to but their cultural trust and significance has died.

When I listen to a Berlin song I don't feel like lighting up a cig and posing with my flashy 80's club gear anymore. When I listen to Social Distortion I like some of the catchy top 40 stuff, but I do not see any mohawks much anymore. These songs are nothing more than nostalgia to a time that has past. Fun to listen to, but sophomoric to reenact.Perhaps even embarrasing if you once fully engaged in these movements.

What is sad is that these artists now play to adults who want to temporarily reenact their youth for just one night, and then go home to their families and jobs and to the world of reality. While the artists go home and wonder what happened to the revolution.

The songs they sang were battle crys against or for something. Today online we have our movements like we do anywhere. I picked the phrase Social Distortion for a reason. Because I think much of what is taught is distorting the real value of all these wonderful tools.

If we could rise above the noise and hype we could see the forest thru the trees.

Let me give you an example. In real estate last year mapping was everything. Everyone had to have it and vendors were happy to sell it.They really did not help much from all I can gather. Thus Makeup on a Pig.

Blogs are another example. They have been hyped to death. And I am a huge advocate of blogging. However, I see many small business people misguided. When they blog they attempt to join the hype of the vendors and that conversation instead of their potential clients. Thus no ROI. Make up on a Pig.

Aren't blogs, microblogs, facebook, etc really just opened up evolutions of the bulletin boards and forums? Make up on a Pig.

Lets fall out of love with technology which has a nasty habit of replacing itself over and over with newer better versions. And fall in love with the ROI. The current culture is one based on the technology. Instead of people. People and their needs have not changed. That is the lie of 2.0. Did I really like getting bombarded by 1000 ads a day ten years ago vs the 4000 or whatever it is now? I didnt like them then I dont like them now. But I bought then and I buy now.

Additionally, writing and publishing has always been important to a good marketer. Today we have more opportunities. But the methodologies and disciplines are the same.

Twitter is an example that is interesting to me. It seems to be a real time mix of a Forum and Instant Messaging. But for adults.
Myspace hurts my eyes and even most teenagers I know have left it. So everyone goes to the myspace for adults-Facebook. Which everyone is doing a real good job of what the teenagers did at Myspace. Just mess it up with sophomomoric Pokes and Wall Writing and such. Aren't these just the old style Forums or Bulletin Boards with more functunality and more utility? Makeup on a pig. And the loyalty factor is sad on these things. Before Twitter can even get rolling people are decrying it for its outages and calling for everyone to move onto its next incarnation at Plurk or fill in the blank.

In real estate we have had the rush from one widget to another as agents play keep up with the Joneses. As I said somewhere recently, If web 2.0 (or pick your word) was all that impressive we would not have a real estate crisis.

As an advocate of Realtors (many are my clients)I feel a need to point out that in many cases it was not the learned culture of the internet and their websites that caused their sales of the past years. It was a heated marketplace.In most cases sales occured despite the sites and the tactics. So lets put this stuff in its place and attach dollars to it. What is the ROI? Then we can treat this more like a business than a fad.

Additionally, thank you for seeing my hypocracy of posting a seemingly bad mouthed indictment of the web today.

Obviously I am not against these tools. I am against the poor execution of these tools. And as a consultant and teacher I find it neccesary to point out what I believe to be flaws in the current culture. If you want to get into if I am talking about 3.0 or the Semantic WEb or whatever, is to lose the point of this post.

I can careless what you want to label it, if anything is the point. I care about its usefullness to business.

We must in my opinion seek to understand the web and its tools and create strategies for them or we are just chickens with our heads cut off running from fad to fad. Like the music of the past and their cultures. Are you going to look backwards in time embarassed for your time wasted smoking weed and throwing colored pomade into your hair? Or pleased that you approached the web with a plan and an approach that takes an ever growing fractured web and places it into a scaled model that works for your company?

Otherwise we will lay waste in the graveyards of our ideals while the strategists profit.

Robert Lewis

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You are correct about this being the day in age when things must go more computer route. I love Twitters and also enjoy blogging. It has helped me out so much in the way that I run my business and also the way that I am learning. I look for blogs that I can learn information from such as yours and it helps me be able to learn more. We are a person who needs to fit in and belong somewhere and sadly it means we have to keep up with the way the world works and how to deal it with it all.



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I don't know the most about blogging, but this information seemed pretty useful. The world is taking the computer route so we all have to keep up.

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