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July 5, 2008


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Twitter is a great social media tool / platform, but I think there are a few questions that I'm sure you are addressing.

1. Will Twitter be around in 18 months? It's experiencing well-documented scaling issues.

2. Are real estate buyers on Twitter? Do they want to receive real-estate related contacts and information via Twitter?

3. What kinds of information can be communicated via Twitter?

Definitely looking forward to your report.

J. Bentz

I like to think of Twitter as AIM Away Messages on steroids. Twitter does offer an opportunity to drive some traffic to a blog, but as a means of communication for realtors and their consumers, I don't think it will serve as a very effective medium.

To offer insight on Adam's comments:

1. I still think Twitter will be around in 18 months... the scaling issues have been there all along, and no one really seems to mind.

2. Real estate buyers are definitely on Twitter (as are agents), but I would offer that while using Twitter, they are not necessarily looking for real estate information. They are there to socialize.

3. Blog posts about properties and promotion new properties in the MLS would be a great way for agents to use Twitter, but use it as a brand awareness channel, not a direct response channel.

Tim O'Keefe

The big looming questions for me are:
1. Loyalty-already there has been somewhat of a migration from Twitter to other similar channels.
2. The AIM affect as you say. Like the above video exagerates, this is in some way adult Instant Messaging. With all the sophomoric conversations.

3.Is there business? That remains to be seen as I too believe the buyers and sellers are on Twitter as really everyone is a prospect.

But the skill is in entering the conversation without being the used car salesmen which frankly most agents simply are either unable to or unwilling to do. I say that with all respect but some of the commentary I get is so poorly constructed and transparent in its attempt to siphon off traffic. If just a little thought and a little of the commenters genius was shared they would get the desired traffic they want.

Will Twitter last who knows as there seems to be an unnatural tolerance for unprofitable ventures stemming from the Stillnone Valley.

Real Estate Raj

You're dead on with your "aim on steroids" call. I'm a little younger than most SEO types (24!) and I find twitter the least painful and easy to set up which I think is partially why its been such a big hit with the older, "linkedin" crowd. I can also tell you that my friends aren't using it nearly as much as facebook or myspace, the younger set preferring to just text instead of twtter.

Keahi Pelayo

Thanks. I will look into twitter.


Hi and thanks for sharing i will also look into twitter.

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