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August 4, 2008


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 Property Brazil


I think it is a does not matter on this and it is a simple to others.

Mike Linton

I use RSS and social book marketing all of the time. Most of my email is just spam now and I ignore it for the most part. Great post ....

Property in Brazil

I think the emails are of a little concern with the real estate marketing. They don't have great influence on this market rather the blogs have been helping more in real estate.

Brisbane Real Estate

I think its matter dude. I got many response.

Sean Rafferty, CMPS

RE & mtg professionals: Start tweeting on Twitter now! This is where it's going.

Also see ping.fm and friendfeed - essentials, because if you're going to get real & serious about changing the way you communicate, these are vital! You'll see why once you realize just HOW MANY social media communication tools are out there.

Also, make the switch to Firefox and start using the plug ins - now! Forget about Chrome - at least for now.

Especially helpful is Sharaholic and a new tool call Ubiquity has JUST been released and it's WAY cool! See my Twitter feed for a link to a video that explains it all.

@seanrafferty - let's connect, follow me :o)

PS - That's http://twitter.com/seanrafferty

PSS - I suspect I'm preaching to the choir for many here, that's ok though.

Good post Spider Juice Tech. What's your Twitter handle?

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