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October 9, 2008


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Coach Tim SEO

Careful when doing the guest blogging thing.
Depends on if your blog strategy is set up for it. I do not allow guest logging on my site (at least not on the main featured part). Would Pepsi let Coke guest blog? Is the guest writing something on theme or not related. It had better be related. But then you risk giving a competitor access to your brand. Its blogging there are no rules, but these are considerations you should go thru.

Chrs Dowell

I'm not interested in Page Rank. It is overhyped. When my site has a PR5 it is on the second page of my best keywords. When it is a PR3 it is on the first page of the best keywords. I would rather have a PR3 site on page 1, wouldn't you?

My linking strategy is to build good quality links plus content over a long period of time.

PR is good, but a better measure of a website is ROI. Isn't that the most important number?

Nieruchomości Kraków

Thanks, interesting article. Food for thought!!

Mr Mogul

I agree that too many links on a site "uglify" the site. But, you might get info on a product or service that hours of researching wouldn't have uncovered.

In the larger scheme of life, I'd allow fellow links on a site, why not? It's all a fleeting dream, when it comes down to it. A site doing well today, may not be around in a year, so what did it matter?

If you could help someone else today, this minute, why wouldn't you? The site sold tomorrow could be yours or mine.....

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