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October 7, 2008


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Roger Moore


If I remember correctly you are a So Cal Realtor. How were you finding your expireds? I tried quite a bit but always seem to arrive after they had signed up with another agent.And I was going off the MLS after homes that had expired that day.

Am I missing a trick?

Tim O'Keefe

I am an ex Realtor.
I got the expireds off the MLS back then in the Colonial days. I would then call or show up at the owners house. I would leave material in Fed Ex envelopes or whatever to make it get noticed. Relentless Pursuit. They would lie and say they listed. I would keep going.
I sold the appointment. Thats all I need 10 minutes. I even showed up on their appointments with other agents sometimes. All I did was copy a guy here locally who did the same thing. He at one time was the number one agent in LA county. Might still be. Expireds is how he grew. He lived on the notion that the one who controls the listings controls the market.To be succesful with expireds is blood sport at times. But the numbers don't lie. IT works fast.
HouseBlogger Mentions of my Expired Presentation.

Roger Billeci

We've had the Kirby experience too and hopefully never again. As fate would have it, I was stopped a few months later at a gas station, with the car running, putting air in the tire, by another Kirby representative asking if they could come to our house! I nearly had a heart attack!

The cost of the Kirby Vacuum cleaners are more than most of the down payments that were required during the fast and loose lending environment that once was!

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