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December 15, 2008


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If we compare this "Yahoo Explorer" with Google WebMaster Tools then it stands nowhere. I didn't like it.

Coach Tim SEO

Without question Google Webmaster tools is better although definitely not perfect. Some have reservations to G's stuff however and consider it spyware.

dubai properties

Yahoo Site Explorer is fantastic. I use it all the time. Google seems to only list the links it fancies at a particular time, not like Yahoo which lists all and in order of importance.

Todd Covington

I just can't get used to the Yahoo stuff. Google Webmaster tools is so detailed compared to Yahoo. I also think Google is more accurate after checking behind Yahoo.

Maine Waterfront Properties

Yahoo site explorer have been very helpful in so many times. Save me from looking for free tools to look for my backlinks. It is for me a very convenient way of looking for at least an estimate of how my website is read by this search engine. The point of course is this is free and we can't expect too much from it.

John Carle

Great. Am I the only one who feels like I'm hunting in the dark?


I am not a big fan of free tools. Like previously said, you get what you pay for. I guess if you are just worrying about your own site you may be able to handle it, but for our clients we shell out the money for tools that we can count on. For anyone who hasn't visited, check out seomods.

Fiona Brown

Useful information regarding SEO of real estate website. Good posts.. keep it up!!

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