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January 27, 2009


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myrtle beach condos

nice post, many real estate agents don't even know what backlinks are

steve jenings

I have found lately Yahoo keeps coming up with a 999 error is this because of an error on their part or are they cutting this service?

Alice Spencer

Good post, getting increasingly difficult to find out how many back links are indexed.

Greg @ Portland Real Estate Cafe

The total count by yahoo seems to fluctuate up and down when I check from week to week. Any idea why it would go down?

Coach Tim SEO

The count goes up or down based on
a. What Yahoo is finding (1 reason it may go down is a site with a link to u is down for a few seconds while the spider visits)
b. What Yahoo chooses to count. Like Google there is no law saying their tool has to be accurate. Or incentive for them to be accurate for that matter.

Atlanta real estate

This is a great post. I know that most do not get it.

Keith Gravlee

I made a post on a blog and it just kept generating links for me and after awhile I figured it out. The blog had a box in the right column for "Recent Comments" and as I was the only one to comment lately it kept showing up in the box for many posts.

How this is related to this topic is when I'm no longer a recent post it will probably decrease my links showing in Yahoo when the spider re-visits that blog site and no longer finds my link in recent comments.


I am still trying to figure that out. I am not sure about Twitter backlinks being recognized by Google.


Usefull info! It's amazing what you find out just surfing around. I always wondered why all the link sites gave different results.

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