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January 7, 2009


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Very good list.

Thank you very much!

Todd Covington

You know, I get the list, and think it's a great list, but how in the world do people work on this, seo, blogging, their website, squidoo, and a million other things. I'm just not sure if I have time to do all the social networking stuff. I mean I could do one, such as Facebook. Bu becoming the chief is just more than I think I can handle. I just launched my site 2 months ago and it's all I can do to keep working on the seo and pages. Dose everyone have the time to do all on this list and a website? Thoughts? I know a website isn't on this list but if you are running abusiness, I assume you have a website.


That is a very good list. I'm going to try out some of those hopefully this year!



Mr Mogul

I'd also add that if you want to be a "Chief," you'll need to read the posts and anticipate what result will come of actions presented by the other people posting.

For example, someone has lost a job and wants advice on how to get another one in a certain industry. People reading the thread give advice on which new job to seek for the person laid off. A "Chief" also anticipates that the person may be ouf of work for awhile, can suggest some alternatives to finding employment quickly, also, some suggestions for long term plans to bolster confidence and possibly switch careers to industries hiring, etc.

Be a "Chief" and use a crystal ball. Then, you'll be a resource for other people, and others will start to ask you for your expertise. Later, when it is time to market and promote yourself, you have this expertise to show that you know how to anticipate the needs of a potential client.

Who wouldn't hire you?

Realtor Marketing Products

That's a really great post on how to effectively use social networking sites for business purposes. Great post.

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It's a nice idea having a list if this was great. Well, i try that hopefully thanks for sharing this entry. Keep up the good work.


Larry Genkin

Great suggestions, I don't think the importance of social media for Realtors can be overestimated. In fact in my “How to Become a Sought After Industry Thought Leader in Just 6 Months” teleseminar (http://tinyurl.com/dfkvnz) I expand upon many of the bulleted items here because of how relevant/critical they are. Well done.

Larry Genkin
Thought Leadership Marketing Method

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