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February 18, 2009


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myrtle beach condos

very intresting post. I saw this on the news today. I'm suprised face book didn't leave in there that they had right to limited use or something

Chris Dowell

Great post! I'm glad you used the Point 2 analogy. I started off with a Free P2 Website. After a year I saw the value to upgrade. P2 by far doesn't offer everything.

In order for some of these free sites to compete, they need to start offering a premium service that members see the value in upgrading. Examples would be IDX, database management, training, gadgets and so on.

Troy Deierling

Point2Agent did the same thing. Free accounts are gone for good, regardless of when you signed up. AR blogging hasn't made much sense to me as it's by Realtors for Realtors.


I'm starting to see increased action in my real estate business. My website and email activity are increasing too. I hope this is a sign things are improving.
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Leawood Kansas

Free sites implies free for now. We all know that and why would expect different?

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