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April 10, 2009


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Greg Uttal

Good intro to lead generation. After listening to your program I can't wait to hear the next release to learn more about stimulating my website into action.


Terry Sanford

This is kind of depressing. Doesn't it imply that if your website is not growing exponentially - like the web - that it is actually shrinking? If there was ever an argument for niche marketing...

Tim O'Keefe

The task might seem daunting however it is also the opportunity.
Yes a niche is something to consider.
Or niches.
But more importantly why not all?
The size and growth of the net requires us to be publishers.
The days of complete plug n play are way over.


I think this oversimplifies internet growth. If you are more specific with the location of your 'oodles' it might make more sense. If one serves a specific market in a specific area then who cares if overall growth is 100% a year if the growth in your market is say 1-2%?

Tim O'Keefe

Badtz -

I chose the word "oodles" to attempt to illustrate total vs singlular.
Location has nothing to do with it. That isn't how Google works.

Google isn't specific the way you describe.
The more pages out there the less valuable a page on the web.

Reputation or anchor text in links pointing to the page,adds meaning to the page as well as on page factors largely the title tag.

That is the only way Google adds the meaning. But the value is based on Page Rank or simply put the relative value of a page. Which is in some fashion or another based on the total of all pages.


My rael estate website hasn't been doing so well lately, videos like this prove to be very helpful. Please keep it coming.


It truly can be a daunting task to stay with that growth curve. We're just starting the push of our new real estate site now and information like this really helps.

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